Liquid diet monotony

I still weigh 171, thanks to my complete lack of enthusiasm for sticking to my eating plan.  I am soooo tired of liquid food!  In my attempts to get ANYTHING different, interesting or tasty into my mouth, I have abandoned my original plan (high fat/low carb) and just eat whatever the hell sounds good that I can suck through closed teeth.  I had made a scrumptious dinner for my husband, and the recipe called for things like bacon, butter and cream cheese, and I was actually scraping the drippings from the pan up with a spoon and slurping them down like a vampire bat!  I just couldn't stand the thought of another cold drink for dinner.

That just might be why I'm stalled at this weight.  I have been slurping soup, ice cream, and pudding through my teeth - all higher-carb items, might I point out - and not drinking nearly enough protein shakes.  I want MEAT!  No more protein shakes!  Yuck.  I was unwired for 5 days when I got that thing stuck in the back of my throat, and managed to gain a couple pounds back, mainly because I was so happy to eat REAL FOOD.  How the hell am I going to maintain my weight loss when I'm done with the jaw wiring if all it's doing is making me obsess about food even more than before??  Okay, not more than before, because I was pretty damn obsessed, but still...!  

I am toying with the idea of calling a hypnotherapist to see what, if anything, they can "suggest" into my brain that might make this jaw wiring/liquid diet easier to get through, and even more importantly to me, help me through the maintenance phase of this journey (ie: the rest of my life).  I need something that keeps me from obsessing about food.  I want to be a normal person, who doesn't think about food like it's a "fix".  I want to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full and be okay with walking away from food.  Is there a way to desensitize my taste buds?  Maybe if I turn my curling iron on high and suck on the barrel for a couple minutes that might damage them enough.... except I don't even think it's the TASTE of the stuff I'm craving that matters.  I mean really - I eat some crappy-tasting stuff, but because it gives my body the "fix" it's craving, that sugar-rush that my body depends on that has kept me a junk-food junkie for years, it's all perfectly edible to me.  

I wonder if somewhere down the road, some smart person is going to develop a substance that makes a person ill only if they have a huge insulin spike.  Seriously, if every time you ate too many cookies you became violently ill, you'd learn pretty quickly how to eat carbs in moderation, right?  Genius!  I know there's some drug they give to alcoholics that does something similar, so it must be right around the corner... except then doctors wouldn't have enough to do, because that would cut most obesity-related illnesses down to barely anything!  So I have a feeling that we'll NEVER see a drug like this on the market, because that would cut into the profits of the medical community.  


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