Happy New Year!

(Someone commented on my last post, and I responded, but I cannot seem to copy and paste my response as a "new" post, so for a brief update and a little insight from me on OJW after 5 months, please open the comments section of my last post ("167.5") and read all comments.)

Happy New Year, all!  I gained some weight back over the holidays (today I was 173), but I will be resuming the jaw wiring in February.  I have a wisdom tooth that needs to be extracted and that will be done on Jan. 29.  Yay!  No more toothache!  I will be glad to be wired again, as I have slipped back into my old ways a little bit - not so much the bingeing but certainly eating more carbs than I should be.  This just goes to reinforce the saying that weight-loss MAINTENANCE is the hardest part of losing weight.  

It didn't help to be unwired during the holiday season, but that will come every year, so I better learn from this past season and have a plan in place for next year...  I have actually seriously wondered if I could keep these brackets on my teeth for years, instead of months, just so I can resort back to using OJW during my "weaker" moments...