Something is stuck...

... in the back of my throat.  Ever since eating (or slurping through my closed teeth) a bowl of lobster bisque soup last weekend, I have been feeling a sharp something stabbing me back there.   I've been trying unsuccessfully to dislodge it with any number of tricks: from a loud, hacking, Donald Duck-ish-type wheeze, to a bizarre, undulating tongue/throat/head tilt that I'm embarrassed to do even by myself. Alas, I have succeeded in moving the irritating little spike nowhere but perhaps deeper into the soft flesh of the back of my throat. Brilliant.  

*Note to others contemplating jaw wiring: STRAIN ALL YOUR LIQUIDS THOROUGHLY.

So I had to cut the wires again today so I could try to retrieve the damn thing with my fingernail, or even just by gargling (have you ever tried to gargle with your teeth together?).  No luck so far - I can still feel it, and every time I stick my finger back there to scrape at it I gag.  Anyone have any suggestions?

This time I was wired for two full weeks.  My jaw is even less stiff than it was the first time - I think because my husband wired my jaw a little more slack than Dr. Ted did.  

Today I weighed 172.5, so in 2 weeks I lost 5 pounds.  Yay for me!


Muse said...

Christie,It just dawned on me how symbolic this incident might be.  Many of our issues with food develop as we are growing up.  Think of it, you are enjoying a meal with your family, when suddenly something gets stuck in your throat and here you are with your jaw wired shut.  Maybe there is something you need to bring up, something small perhaps, yet irritating nonetheless? 
I knew a woman who said that she really felt like she needed to have a talk with her in-laws about how hurt she felt by the way they treated her.  She said she felt she needed to get it "off her chest", however she was too afraid to talk about it with them.  Shortly thereafter she developed a painful boil on her chest that turned out to be staph infection.  It's just a thought.  Sometimes a shell is just a shell.  However, it's worth pondering...

I think you are doing great and thank you for sharing you adventures in your blog. 

Christie said...

Wow, Muse, that is deep! I would really have to do some soul searching to truly understand the symbolism of me getting something stuck in my throat while my jaw is wired (essentially blocking my ability to fix the problem) and linking it to an emotional issue I'm having.

I guess if I can translate it into my own life, maybe you are suggesting that I have something I desperately want to say to someone (the thing that's stuck in my throat) but there is something forcing me to keep my silence (the wires)...? Or maybe I have something festering in me that I need to get out to become well again but I'm afraid to bring it out in the open, so instead I have these metal wires put on my teeth so I physically CAN'T open my mouth, effectively relieving me of the burden of having to deal with the painful issue...?

Hmmm... these are the things that I'm sure so many overweight people DON'T consider - that there is SUCH a bigger reason for them being overweight than just mere gluttony. I know my weight issue goes much, much deeper than merely eating too much, and it's such an extremely complicated battle to have to fight when you are already damaged and exhausted from the stress-inducing issues that caused you to turn to food for comfort in the first place.

I'll have to think more about this topic...