5:00AM and miserable

It has been exactly 2 weeks since my surgery, and the healing is well under way.  A lot of the swelling is gone and for the most part the stitched areas are closed and healing properly.  The doctor said he removed a little over 3 pounds of breast tissue (so imagine having 4 twelve-ounce cans of soda suddenly gone from the front of you) - yet here I sit miserably uncomfortable at 5 o'clock in the morning.  

Why, you ask?  It has nothing to do with my surgery (though learning to sleep on my back has been somewhat difficult).  It's all because I "splurged" for dinner last night and ordered something I haven't eaten in months that apparently my body did NOT miss - a pepperoni stromboli.  I used to eat these things fairly often - it's the equivalent of a slice of pizza... or more like 4 pieces of pizza rolled up with cheese and pepperoni inside.  I didn't even eat the whole thing, which would have been no problem for me before I started to cut way down on grains, but I guess abstaining from that kind of food really WAS a good thing for me.  I mean, I feel AWFUL right now.  Bloated, nauseated, sweating, even a little dizzy.  I hope and pray my stomach takes matters into its own hands soon and decides to forcibly eject its contents because clearly I am incapable of digesting this horrific blob of evil I "treated" myself to at 6pm yesterday evening.

So... could this mean that what I've been reading is true... that some people really can be allergic and addicted to certain foods like wheat or dairy products?  Whenever I've told people that, most of them look at me as though I'm just some nutty conspiracy theorist grasping at straws to explain away my weight problem.  Yet if you read some of these articles, it doesn't sound crazy at all.  In fact, it's something I hope a lot more people like me figure out soon so they can begin their recovery.  Just the fact that I'm sitting here about to...  

...Ah, yes, success.  God, I hate throwing up, but it sure does make you feel better afterward, you know?  Well, no more strombolis for me EVER.  What a strong deterrent, making someone get sick when they eat something they aren't supposed to!  (And I know it wasn't the pepperoni or the cheese that made me sick - I've been eating those for the past 3 weeks on a regular basis with no problems whatsoever.)  This reminds me of a time my brother came home drunk from a party when he was a teenager and he barfed all night long after having had way too much peach schnapps - to this day, 20 years later, even saying the words "peach" and "schnapps" in the same sentence makes him turn green.  

Ug.  Good morning...

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